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Monat: August 2019



The day we left Ashland was also the day that Hobbs decided he wants to hike by himself for a bit. Crush and me didn’t really know if we wanted to hike alone or if we were going to stick around each other for a little longer. The first night back on trail we all still camped in the same spot. Everything was smoke covered due to the fire mentioned in my last blog entry. The next day Hobbs hiked off on his own.

Crush and me ran into a group of five guys. One of them I had met at Mile 109 of the PCT. We really enjoyed that group and started hiking with them. The next day we met Hobbs again and we were reunited, so we continued our journey together throughout all of Oregon.

Oregon had some beautiful stretches and I loved how green everything was. We constantly pushed high mileage days between 30 and 40 miles. Needless to say I was really exhausted all the time. My foot still hurts and I am rather certain I should have gotten it checked out, when I did whatever damage it was, to it, in the Sierra. Anyways, I taped up my foot and got ready for one challenge that I wanted to attempt while hiking the PCT. The 24 hour challenge. Continously hiking for such a long time frame is probably something I will never attempt again. After 24 hours I had hike 96 km, so I pushed for another 1 1/2 hours to get those 100 km down.A few days later we hiked into Washington, and just like that Oregon was done.

As time goes on, on this adventure I become more and more focused on hiking and enjoying the time I get to spent out here and soaking every moment in. This results in me not spending a lot of time writing blog entries. I thought I would be able to do a better job on this whole blog thing. But living the moment seems a lot more important right now.While I am writing this I have 10 days left until I reach the Canadian border. Being so close to accomplishing one of my biggest goals, puts me through a rollercoaster of emotions. I am so ready to get to that border, at the same time I am not. I can’t really put all of it into words and at this point I am not going to try doing that. Maybe I will find the right words once this journey is over.