Completed the First Section of the Pacific Crest Trail

Completed the First Section of the Pacific Crest Trail

I made it through the desert section of the Pacific Crest Trail. So I have hiked 702 miles, 1130 kilometers. Completing the desert section means I am currently in Kennedy Meadows. A small town with two places for hikers to hang out before heading into the Sierra.

Since this is a high snow year as mentioned in another post, at this point there are about 20 hikers hanging out here sorting out the proper snow gear. A lot of hikers are skipping the Sierra this year. As of yesterday this year four hikers attempted to hike the Sierra. Today another group left. I am waiting on another hiker to arrive and some packages with gear.

In the next couple of days some more of us are heading out. The next section will be the hardest one of the complete PCT, 300 miles covered in snow. Hiking over ridges and passes between 10000 and 13500 feet. For this section I need to plan my resupply a lot more detailed than I normally do and I have to make sure I am carrying the proper equipment.

The last 260 miles were really nice to hike. I ended up hiking with Ninja for almost the complete section. We night hiked two sections and managed to get some crazy mileage days in. The best we did was hiking 42 miles (67.5 km) in a timeframe of 26 hours, which felt pretty awesome.One night we had to hang our food up on a tree. When we rolled into camp Ninja saw a bear close to the river. After it realized there were humans close by it chased off and I didn’t even see it which I was rather sad about. But I got to see some snakes again, two scorpions and one night a coyote was wandering around my tent spot.Overall covering those miles was a really smooth and enjoyable experience. The weather was all over the place and hiking into Kennedy Meadows I had to hike in the rain for the first time, by the time I made it to town I was completely soaked, but i got the chance to dry everything out and therefore it was fine.This may not be the most interesting blog post, but it was really nice that for once everything worked out really well, apart from the fact that my air mattress popped and I slept on the ground for the last week. Which at this point doesn’t even bother me anymore.

So now I am preparing myself for the biggest challenge so far and I am pretty excited to get out of this little place I spent too much time at.

2 Gedanken zu „Completed the First Section of the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. Schau mal an, wir begleiten dich sogar bei dieser Tour mit unseren Getrieben 😀 Deine Einträge lesen sich wirklich gut, wie ein Buch (wenn ich wüsste wie das geht 😀 ) Du bist dann jetzt die Fünfte die dieses Teilstück erfolgreich bewandert, wäre doch gelacht.

    1. Ja, als ich durch den Wind Park gelaufen bin, musste ich echt oft an euch denken! 😀
      Und danke, dass ist schön zu hören! Ich gebe mir immer Mühe, aber meistens lädt der Blog irgendwas nicht richtig hoch…
      Mittlerweile sind schon mehr Leute losgegangen. Ich gehe morgen los und werde somit unter den ersten 30 sein. Aber wir müssen mal schauen, bis zur nächsten Stadt sind es im Schnee 7 bis 10 Tage und der nächste Schneesturm startet Mittwoch. Und ich weiß noch nicht ob ich mir das so angenehm vorstelle im Schneesturm in der Sierra zu sitzen. 😀

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